Personal storage solutions for your needs

Create some space in your life

Sometimes we all need a bit more space.  Renting a self storage room can make your life simple by providing that extra space and flexibility just when you need it.  We make the whole process simple, from choosing the right size for you, to helping you organise your move in, we are there every step of the way.

Selling your home

Less is more when it comes to selling your home – declutter by moving your personal stuff into storage before you arrange your viewings.  Or bring your stuff in to sort out what you want to keep, recycle or sell.

moving house

We have lots of different sized rooms.  Small rooms are perfect for storing items before your move to avoid stacks of boxes everywhere, and our large rooms will accommodate whole houses from a 1 bedroomed flat to a 5 bedroomed home.

Home renovations

Prevent damage to your belongings by storing them out of harm’s way.  Moving your furniture out of the way will also mean that builders and decorators can finish the job quicker.

space at home

Welcome to your new spare room!  If you’re struggling for space for your hobbies, clothes or lots of lego, our small rooms are perfect and at prices from £12 per week, are affordable too.

Life event storage

Whether you are moving in together, making space for a nursery or are suffering the stress of a relationship breakdown, self storage can provide short and long term solutions.  We can find the right space for you and make the process as easy as possible.


Moving to a smaller home is difficult as we can be emotionally attached to our personal belongings.  Likewise, if you are clearing a home after a bereavement, give yourself breathing space and store with us until you’re ready to let go.

How it works

Choose your room size

Call in to see the rooms for yourself or check out our size guide.  Our storage team will also advise you on what space you need.

Reserve your room

Contact us when you're ready to reserve your room either by telephone or in store. Don't worry if your dates change - let us know and we will organise your room when you're ready.  We will confirm your reservation by email and let you know what you need to do next.

Get ready to move in

We'll need a few details for security such as a photo ID and proof of address.  You will also need to think about the value of your goods as all goods that are stored with us must be insured.  You can provide us with your own policy but most customers use our bespoke storage insurance - ask us for a quote.

Sign your contract

Once we have all the correct paperwork, we will send you a contract to sign online or you can sign it in reception if you prefer.  We use SSA UK (Self Storage Association UK) contracts which have clear terms and conditions.


We will take payment for the first 4 weeks of storage and then every 4 weeks until you give us 2 weeks notice to vacate and once vacated, we will refund the storage you haven't used.  Payment is online, by card or preferably, by direct debit.

Check in

We'll show you round the store and explain how to access your unit.  If you're moving in outside of office hours, we'll send you a handy guide to accessing your room.

Move in

You will be given your own PIN code to access the store and you can drive right up to our large loading bays.  There are plenty of platform trucks and trolleys to help with your move too. Finally, you will need to put a padlock on your unit (we sell keyed and combination padlocks in store if you need one).

As Simple as that!

Make space for you, your home and your business

Find out what size unit
you need